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Norman County West High School

War Child was a excellent piece of literature. It didn’t just teach me about World War II, it taught me how the war effected a child and her life. Reading on how such a gruesome war changed the life of a teenager in a big way. There are so many books out there about World War II, but none of them can compare to War Child. Seeing everything from a German perspective is a completely different ball game, then seeing it from the American point of view. I promise you that this outstanding story is good enough for you to take some time, sit down and read it. It has changed my entire outlook on World War II. Please do consider reading this powerful & historical novel.

War Child is an amazing book to read. It tells a story that you never really hear - that of a German citizen during World War II. Your eyes are opened to what the Germans had to endure, which isn’t something you think about. Many books about World War II tell the story from a certain standpoint, and it’s neat to see the story told from a different point of view. You learn about the struggles of a young German woman before, during, and after the war, and everything she went through. I highly recommend you take some time and sit down and read this magnificent story.

Rogers Middle school

I have been teaching Social Studies for ten years and Annelee's speaking engagement was truly the highlight of my career thus far.  She captivated her audience of 7th and 8th graders by her compelling story.  I was particularly touched by her message about hate and how she has lived her life believing to hate no one.  As my students reflected, this was also a message that impacted them, which was powerful to me as an educator.  I am forever in gratitude for Annelee's presentation and willingness to tell her story.

It stood out to me that Annelee was taken away from her family at 16 years old to go to work. Her story was very intriguing and I want many more people to be able to here this amazing woman's story.

I learned a lot of things like its 1 million marks to buy one loaf of bread. Also I learned that a lot of people like Hitler and supported him because he gave them homes, cars and food. And when Hitler got bored and wanted to get the land that once was a part of Germany everything got harder. It was harder to buy food, harder to live in your own house. Families had to move into houses with other families. Also people could barely get any sleep because bombs were going off. I learned a lot of things from Annelee. She was a great speaker she went into detail on everything. It was great. I think everyone can benefit from listening to her speak. Thank you Annelee.

The speech all together was empowering, she kept it very interesting, with astonishing facts. I thought it was an amazing opportunity, because she witnessed World War 2 so it was almost as if you were there with her. 

The presentation eye-opening and taught me what could not have been taught in any classroom. It is something I will never forget for a long time.
A fabulous experience!

I think that your speech was really good because you worked very hard to still be here and it was something no one should go through. It was a privilege to listen to you speak. Thank You.

I liked the presentation. It made me think of how things were and it was so amazing to know that someone from that time was standing right in front of me.

I loved the presentation because it was interesting. I also liked it because it showed a different perspective on the war.

I really liked hearing about your experiences in Germany during the holocaust, It was interesting hearing about how you were a part of this history that will never be forgotten. 

I really enjoyed listening to you this morning. Your story was very interesting and it was cool to finally here about world war 2 from a German's perspective. I hope to learn more about the War and the impact that it had on all the different countries that were involved.

I thought it was interesting about how people had to start working around 15 years old and had to stay away from your family for that long how far away you had to go to work and how you had to work 60 hours a week.

I enjoyed it because it was very interesting and educational. I also liked it because it showed how some of the life was then.

I really liked your presentation it was very interesting.  I wish you would have talked more about the money.  It was very interesting and different from what it is now, and I want to learn more about it.

Wahpeton MN

Dear Annelee,
Thank you SO much for your wonderful presentation in Wahpeton last month!  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your memories and was impressed with your knowledge and your humor.  I have read and watched a lot of WWII books and programs - but it was so very interesting to hear about if first hand from someone who lived through it.  More importantly, to listen from the perspective of a young teenager going through the horrors of Hitler and WWII.    I loved how you shared memories of your parents and how they taught you not to hate – that must’ve been difficult during that time.
Thank you for sharing your story of falling in love with an American GI and coming to live in America - another challenge in your life since you only knew a few words in English!  What a strong and amazing woman you are, thank you so much for sharing your very interesting and important story with us!  I have read your book “War Child” and look forward to reading “Empty Chairs”
Wahpeton, ND

Dear Annalee,
I'm teaching Chemistry at Ada-Borup High this year. 
I enjoyed and was invigorated today by your talk and presentation. One of my very few processions is a treasured autographed copy of War Child given to me by my mother.
Annalee, today you opened eyes and exposed the horrors of war (and natural disasters and drunken driving) to an audience that needed to hear your message
While simply ending your presentation with the last powerpoint slide would have been one of my personal highlights of the year,
your honest and frank discussion of poverty, sex, and the human condition during the question time can only be described as courageous, honest, and  brilliant!
Annalee, thank you for being honest and having the courage to tell your story.  In an era of where our beloved America is involved in constant war,
your message is an oasis in the desert.  Thank you!!!!!
I took a few minutes to gauge reaction in my 2 chemistry classes and the responses from the kids were extremely positive.
Thank you for being you and willing to share your story.  More importantly, thank you for being honest!
Much love and respect,
T. S., PhD.

THANK YOU for presenting to the students and staff at Ada-Borup on Tuesday this week!
Annelee Woodstrom spoke to the Ada-Borup students in grades 7-12 and I truly feel that it was a great presentation for all of the students to hear.
Annelee did a marvelous job of explaining the status of Germany before the official beginning of World War II,
including the economic conditions, as well as her family stories about this difficult time within the country.
Students were very attentive throughout the entire presentation and they felt a strong connection
to the stories of her family and personal difficulties during the war.
Annelee did a wonderful job in the presentation of explaining many key topics of the war,
the causes of the war and many key events of World War II.
The presentation was very well organized, Annelee spoke clearly for all of the students to understand
and her question/answer session at the end of the day could have lasted a lot longer as many students had more questions.
Thank you for your time at Ada-Borup High School and for bringing the history of our past into the living of today!
We are very fortunate to have you in our community!
Ada-Borup Social Studies Teacher

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The Headwaters Center for Lifelong Learning (HCLL) had Annelee Woodstrom speak to us in the winter of 2009.  Mrs. Woodstrom delighted the audience with her wit and wisdom.  She did a wonderful job of presenting her life story and the history of World War II.   We highly recommend her program and her books for anyone who is involved in history, humanities, and peoples' stories.


Dear Annelee,
   Thank you so much for presenting to Lifelong Learners in Park Rapids and for being patient about the follow up.  We were so pleased to have 54 people attending that day.  It was wonderful.  Thank you so much for coming.
   We have everyone fill in evaluation sheets after each program as you know.  All of them came back with Excellent circled. 
   Some of  the comments were "Such a heart-breaking and powerful story...", "Excellent PLUS", "I wouldn't have missed this for anything.","What an inspiring life...and how honored are we that she shared...","You couldn't have had a better program.", "Her attitude regarding life is outstanding - we can all learn valuable lessons from her.", "...what a marvelous spirited women!", and "Thank you for sharing."
   A board member's wife wrote ausgezeichnet!" I'm sure that means something good. She is a really nice person. That does mean 'excellent', doesn't it? 

LuAnne White
Program Coordinator
Headwaters Center for Lifelong Learning
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